20 November 2013

"Better" MSPA Theme by: IAreKyleW00t

Here it is everyone - A “better” MSPA-styled Tumblr Theme! This was the first theme I’ve ever made, and I tried my best to make it look as good as possible! Hope you all like it - Feel free to use it and edit it; just keep the credits link! :)


  • MSPA Themed (Obviously)
  • Should work in ALL browsers (Including IE)
  • "Become An Excellent Host" mode
  • Pesterlog-like Chats
  • Automatically adds Pages to drop down box in Sidebar.
  • Themed Back-To-Top Buttons (bottom-right)
  • Enable/Disable Tags/Follows/Avatar
  • Super “Secret” feature (wink wonk)

If you run into any issues, please let me know! 

Preview || Code

TAGS: #homestuck #mspa #tumblr theme #homestuck theme #hs theme #mspa theme #doc scratch #the felt #super secret #can't tell you #homestuckresources
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